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Year 9 Residential - Kingswood - April 2017

Straight after the Easter Break, our Year 9 students and a group of dedicated Oakley Staff headed off to Kingswood - a complete indoor and outdoor education facility set in the grounds of a former manor house in Ashford, Kent.


The facility allowed our students to demonstrate and exercise their independence in a safe environment.  They celebrated their courage, their friendships, their team work and resilience, as well as taking part in activities they never dreamed they could/would do. 


Students and staff had a fantastic 4 days together, as we hope can be seen in the accompanying photographs. 


One parent wrote afterwards " thank you, and all the accompanying staff, for organising the trip to Kingswood and for making it such a great experience for the students.  [My daughter] had a fantastic time and was particularly impressed with the zip wire!  I know how much time goes into organising these trips and it is much appreciated." 


Another wrote "I wanted to write and thank yourself and every single member of staff who helped out....[my daughter] absolutely had a fab time and told me that her favourite activity was 'the ham roll' followed by the zip wire!...she seemed to have a lot of fun and I think its given both [my daughter] and us confidence in having sleepovers away from home and family....Thanks must go to all the dedicated staff who sacrificed their own lives for a few days..."

Picture 1 2017 Year 9 Residential
Picture 2 3G Swing
Picture 3 3G Swing
Picture 4 3G Swing
Picture 5 3G Swing
Picture 6 3G Swing
Picture 7 Abseiling
Picture 8 Abseiling
Picture 9 Abseiling
Picture 10 Abseiling
Picture 11 Fencing
Picture 12 High Equilibrium
Picture 13 High Equilibrium
Picture 14 High Equilibrium
Picture 15 High Equilibrium
Picture 16 High Equilibrium
Picture 17 High Equilibrium
Picture 18 Laser Tag
Picture 19 Laser Tag
Picture 20 Laser Tag
Picture 21 Laser Tag
Picture 22 Laser Tag
Picture 23 Laser Tag
Picture 24 Team challenge
Picture 25 Team challenge
Picture 26 Team challenge
Picture 27 Team challenge
Picture 28 Team challenge
Picture 29 Zip wire
Picture 30 Zip wire
Picture 31 Zip wire
Picture 32 Zip wire
Picture 33 Zip wire
Picture 34 Zip wire