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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a state registered profession. It is a psychological therapy in which art, and the process of art-making form important roles within the context of a therapeutic relationship.


The work focusses upon the behavioural and emotional well-being of each child and young person.

The length and number of sessions offered, once a referral has been accepted, varies according to need.


Art Therapy can have significant impact for children who may be struggling with issues of:


  • Self-confidence/self-image
  • Motivation
  • Loss
  • Anger
  • Anxiety


These concerns may, and often do, include social, emotional/behavioural and communication difficulties.


Art Therapy at Oakley School:

Art Therapy at Oakley School is documented by the clinical notes, made after each individual session, and by written reports produced (eg. for Annual Reviews and EHCPs).


Liaison with staff, parents and/or carers is maintained, and this is mostly carried out with the young person’s knowledge in order to foster open and clear communication.


Confidentiality is sensitively managed to maintain the integrity of the trust between child and therapist.

Matters relating to safeguarding and child protection are undertaken using the policy and protocols practiced throughout Oakley School and Further Education Department.


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