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Welcome to our School

Welcome to our School Website! Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us on 01892 823096 if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our website, we are happy to provide it, free of charge.
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Parent A-Z Handbook

This A to Z gives parents and carers useful information about the School. Further information on the school and our policies can be found on the Oakley School website   




If your child has an allergy/food intolerance, please inform the school so that this can be put on their records.



Each year parents and carers are invited to attend an annual review of their child’s Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).  The review is for all parties involved with your child (you, Class Teacher, Therapists, Social Workers etc) to discuss the progress and future targets for your child.



Oakley School is committed to the continuous raising of achievement of all our pupils. Regular attendance is essential if pupils are to be successful and benefit from opportunities presented to them.


The Governors, Headteacher and Staff, in partnership with parents, have a duty to promote full attendance at Oakley School. Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child(ren) attend school regularly and arrive on time.


The school day starts at 8.45am and registers close at 9am. Pupils who are late into school, for whatever reason, MUST sign in at Reception. 


Our full attendance policy can be viewed on the School website



Only the Headteacher can authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. If you need to take your child out of school, please write to the Headteacher or e-mail



After School Clubs are a huge benefit for our children and young people, offering them opportunities to socialise and interact with their peers in a safe and familiar environment.  Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. A member of staff will lead each club and confirm with you if your child has
a place.


The clubs on offer will be notified to all parents and carers at the beginning of each academic year.


There is a small charge for children to attend After School Clubs to cover resources and refreshments.




The Staff and Governors of Oakley School seek to create a school environment that encourages and reinforces positive and appropriate behaviours and mutual respect for all. The School knows that when pupils and staff feel safe and secure this has a positive impact on learning, teaching, and everyone’s wellbeing. We recognise the difficulties some of our pupils may have regulating their own behaviour or understanding social interactions as this may form an intrinsic aspect of their Special Educational Needs.


We write and implement individual positive behaviour support plans for pupils for whom behaviour management is a priority area.


We take any reports of bullying very seriously (pupils and staff). Bullying should be reported to the Class Teacher in the first instance who, with the support of the Senior Leadership Team, will decide the appropriate course of action to be taken.  We will communicate and involve parents when dealing with any such concerns.


  • (see: Pupil Behaviour, Engagement and Wellbeing Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy)




Please let us know any changes in your personal information ie, telephone number, address, doctor’s address, email address etc. so that we can ensure your child’s records are kept up-to-date.


We display the code of conduct in all classrooms – this is shared with the pupils and referred to during the school year to reinforce positive behaviour.


Oakley School Code of Conduct:


  • We want everyone to behave in a way that makes us all feel safe in all parts of the school and when we travel to and from school.
  • We will respect and care for each other.
  • We think that we have the right to come to school to learn without being disturbed by others.
  • We will take care of Oakley School and look after the property of others.


If we do not keep to the Code of Conduct, we might be:


  • Reminded of the rules and our class agreement.
  • Asked to put things right, like saying we are sorry.
  • Asked to catch up on missed work.
  • Take some time out to calm and regulate.
  • Asked to pay if we damage anything that does not belong to us.




At Oakley School we use Class Dojo to communicate with parent/carers. Class Dojo is an online app which connects teachers with parents and carers, building strong communication and allowing parents and carers to be more involved in their child’s school day.


As a Parent/Carer, the app allows you to do the following:

• Message with your child’s class teacher via a 1:1 instant messaging service.

• View class news and reminders on Class Story - a private feed of moments from the classroom and school that
    only pupils, Parents/Carers, teachers and school leaders can see.

• View, like and comment on pictures and/or videos that your child’s staff team post to your child’s portfolio –
   a private portfolio of content that only parents, teachers and school leaders can see.


(see: Class Dojo Policy on the school website.)


If you do not wish to use Class Dojo, or don’t have access to the internet, we can use a home/school communication book which will be sent home with your child at the beginning of the academic year.


Other information from the school is either sent via email, text, flyer or letter. If you wish to contact the school, the phone number is 01892 823096. If all lines are engaged you will automatically be switched to the answerphone in order to leave a message. The school office is open from 8.00am – 4.15pm. You may also email the office using the school’s main email address:, please don’t forget to include your child’s name and class.




Any damage to school property, if deemed appropriate, may result in those responsible being asked to pay for or contribute to the cost of repairs/replacements.



If you experience any difficulties or problems regarding your child and any aspect of school life, please contact your child’s Class Teacher in the first instance.



Dinners at Oakley School are provided by Nourish and the menu changes on a termly basis. A copy of the menu is available on the school website. Dinner money can be paid weekly or termly in advance by Online Payment, (please see our website – Parent Log In Section), or by cash, cheque (payable to Oakley School). School meals are currently priced at £2.50 per dinner, £12.50 per week. If paying by cash please ensure that the correct money is sent in. Please write your child’s class, name and the amount enclosed, clearly on the envelope. If you receive, or think that you might be eligible for free school meals, please complete the free school meals application on



Please enter and leave the school grounds very slowly (5mph). Please park in the allocated bays withing the school grounds.




We would encourage you to follow our school Facebook page where you can keep up-to-date with what is happening in the school and events that you might be interested in. We can be found at:



FIRST AID            

A number of staff are trained in the administration of basic first aid and can deal with minor injuries. The members of staff who have a full first aid certificate are listed in the staff room and office.  First aid boxes are sited around the school and checked and re-stocked regularly. First Aiders are the only staff who can administer approved medication to pupils at school. 


If appropriate, pupils have a Personal Care Plan (PCP) which will include any medication and treatment they might need on a daily basis and also in an emergency.  Parents are required to contribute to their child’s PCP and will also be asked to sign it.  A copy of all PCPs is kept in the medical room.  Parents should ensure that they inform the school of any changes to their child’s health, medical needs or medication, so that we can ensure the PCP is always up to date.



Parents and carers of Oakley pupils automatically become a member of the Friends of Oakley, our equivalent of a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and we would welcome you to get involved.  Friends of Oakley is a Parent/Carer run fund-raising organisation primarily for the enjoyment and benefit of pupils, and is a registered Charity. The two main events they organise are the Christmas and Summer Fairs. We need as many friends and volunteers as possible to support the events - so please support this aspect of school life.




We have a very supportive and proactive Governing Body who are involved in our strategic planning; ensuring Oakley School meets its statutory responsibilities, monitoring appointments of staff, financial matters and the progress and standards of the school in all areas. We have a parent governor, elected by their peers.


Further information about the work of our governing body can be found on our website.




The Headteacher produces a weekly update which is shared on Facebook, the School Website and emailed to parents/carers. The update includes general school news, staffing updates and most importantly, pupil’s activities and celebrations. 



Each child has a copy of the school’s “Home School Agreement” in their hard copy file. Through this, parents, pupils and teachers have agreed to work together to maximise each child’s learning opportunities while at school. This is a useful reference point to share successes and to discuss any problems that arise. A copy of the agreement can be found on our website:



At Oakley School we agree that Home Learning can be used by school, pupils and parents and carers to extend and consolidate pupils’ learning and to involve families in the learning process. The needs of our children and young people vary, therefore, our approach to Home Learning is flexible to meet individual needs. We will work with parents and pupils to provide the most accessible, appropriate and relevant optional activities and learning opportunities. (see Home Learning policy)




It is VITAL that parents let us know as soon as possible when their child is off from school due to illness.   If we do not receive a message early in the day, we will telephone or send a text asking you for the reason for non-attendance to ensure everyone is accounted for. You can leave messages on the school’s answer phone on 01892 823096, or you can send an email to: If the school is not contacted, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.



As part of your child’s curriculum and development of ICT skills, Oakley School provides supervised access to the Internet. We believe use of the internet and email is an essential skill for children as they grow up in the modern world. Safe use of the internet and social media is referred to in the Home School Agreement.




The school day starts at 8.45am and registers close at 9am. Pupils who are late into school, for whatever reason, MUST sign in at Reception. 




The school needs to be informed of any emergency medical needs your child may have so this can be included in their Personal Care Plan (PCP).



We are only able to administer medication prescribed by a Doctor or other medical professional. You will need to complete the appropriate form (included in the admissions pack or available from the office) to authorise us to do this on your behalf. If you wish your son/daughter to have painkillers or any other ‘over-the-counter’ medication during the day, we will need written authorisation from your Doctor and a form completed. When sending in medication it is essential for this to be in the original container/box supplied by the chemist, showing the child’s name, dosage and type of medication. In the interests of complete safety, it is a school ruling that medication cannot be given if it is not received in the original container.





There is strictly no-smoking in our school and grounds.



Allergies to nuts can be life threatening and in order to safeguard our pupils and staff who suffer with nut allergies, we have designated Oakley School as a Nut Free Zone.  Some people react to being touched by someone who has eaten nuts and not washed their hands. This issue affects adults as well as children, and we would ask that you respect this decision and help us keep our school community safe.




Oakley School has an online payment system accessible through the school website. This enables parents/carers to pay for school dinners, trips, uniform etc. online. To get started you will need to register for a School Gateway account via the Parent Login section of the Oakley website. To do this your email address and mobile phone number need to be the same as the ones we have recorded for you on your child’s records. Once you have entered your email address and mobile number, select the SEND PIN button, a pin number will be sent to your mobile phone. You can then use this PIN number to log into the School Gateway and view or make payments.




You will be invited to two parents/carers consultation evenings (in the Autumn and Spring Terms) during each academic year, where your child’s progress is discussed with the Class Teacher.  



We are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers and organise a number of informative programmes and workshops each year. The schedule is published on the Parent and Carers section of our website and reminders are sent out throughout the year.



To enhance the education of pupils we arrange trips throughout the year so pupils can learn through experience. Parents need to sign and return the Trips Permission Slip to allow their child to participate in these outings. The school will, however, let parents/carers know when each class is going on a trip and what will be needed for the excursion.



If appropriate, pupils have a Personal Care Plan (PCP) which will include any medication and treatment they might need on a daily basis and also in an emergency.  Parents are required to contribute to their child’s PCP and will also be asked to sign it.  A copy of all PCPs is kept in the medical room.  Parents should ensure that they inform the school of any changes to their child’s health, medical needs or medication, so that we can ensure the PCP is always up to date.



The school needs to be informed of any emergency medical needs your child may have so this can be included in their Personal Care Plan (PCP).



A photographer comes into School every year in the Autumn Term to take photos of all pupils and staff. These school photos are updated on pupil records and are available for parents/carers to purchase if they choose.


We may also take photographs for a number of reasons whilst your child is with us, including:


  • Documenting and recording education activities
  • Recording their learning and developmental progress
  • Recording special events and achievements


We also encourage children to be active learners and to become involved in using cameras themselves by taking photos of their surroundings, activities and of each other. We ask that all parents and carers complete and sign the Parental Consent for Images and return the completed form to the school office.




Annual reports are written and sent out at the end of the Summer Term to update parents/carers on their child’s progress.



We offer a vast array of enrichment activities, trips and residential experiences in the United Kingdom and abroad as they are such good opportunities for children and young people to find out more about themselves and the world around them. An annual plan is on our website and we write to parents with details and costings, with as much notice as possible.





Our top priority at Oakley School is the safeguarding of our children and young people.  We follow safer recruitment legislation and guidance for all staff and volunteers and have access to expertise within our Local Authority and other specialist agencies and services.  If you, or your child have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads at the school:-


Sam Perryman – Headteacher

Sophie Rees – Deputy Headteacher

Claire Bingham – Assistant Headteacher

Mike Burt – Assistant Headteacher

Mary Newell – Assistant Headteacher


  • (see Safeguarding section on website)



The school day for pupils runs from 8.45am – 3.15pm with a break in the morning and one at lunchtime.

The school office is open from 8.00am – 4.15pm




The school has a number of policies which are available to view on our school website: or a hard copy can be requested from the school office.



In the event of severe weather conditions, if the school is likely to be closed or closing, parents and carers can visit the school website  where we will place immediate news.  We also send a text message and/or email to all parents and carers via School Comms. 



As part of the school curriculum, pupils take part in a number of sport and leisure activities in addition to their PE lessons, eg swimming, golf. The PE Co-ordinator will write to all parents/carers each term to inform them of the activity their child will be doing.  There may be an additional charge for some external activities but if this is the case, we will write to parents/carers to inform them.




These are published on the school website and will be provided to all new parents and carers in their
admission pack.



The Therapy Team are an integral part of the Oakley community, working closely with Teachers and Learning Support Assistants to promote the very best outcomes for our children and young people.  Our Therapists have input into pupil progress reports and attend EHCP and Annual Review meetings where applicable. They are also present at most school events including parents' evenings.


All of our Therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are members of registered bodies (e.g. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, Royal College of Occupational Therapists, British Association of Art Therapists).



Thrive is an approach to support the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils across the school. We started Thrive in the middle of the pandemic and it is having a great impact across our school community. As a result many children are happier and more able to express their emotions freely.


Thrive is a whole school approach and every day pupils receive Thrive either as a class group or individually.  Thrive helps pupils to learn to regulate their emotional responses through fun art based activities, play, mindfulness, dance, music and so much more, plus they are having so much fun with it.



If you live further than 3 miles from the school, the Local Authority can arrange school transport for your child.

Further information about how to apply can be found on the KCC website:





All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform each day except for the young people in Phase 4 on our Tonbridge site who wear their own clothes. Our school uniform comprises of a school sweatshirt, white polo shirt, black/grey trousers or skirt, black shoes or black trainers. Pupils may also wear a dark blue gingham summer dress in the Summer Terms. PE Kit - navy shorts, white PE T-shirt, trainers or plimsolls. Only the sweatshirt, white polo shirt and white PE T-shirt have the school logo and so have to be purchased from the School. An order form is included in new parents’ admission pack, you can find the form on the website or call the office and we will send a form home with your child. All other uniform can be purchased from a retail outlet of your choice. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AS WE OBVIOUSLY CANNOT IDENTIFY ANY CLOTHING OR EQUIPMENT WITHOUT A NAME.





The Oakley School website can be found at and contains all the information you need to know about the school, allows you to pay for lunches, trips etc. online, enables you to book parents’ evenings online and offers other news and information you may find interesting.




The Zones of Regulation are an activity we use to help pupils identify how they are feeling throughout the school day. The Zones of Regulation will also help your child to work out what to do next if they are feeling angry, sad or upset. All of these activities are transferable and can be used at home. There is more information on our school website.