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Phase 1 Engage Curriculum

Lauren Adamthwaite, Phase 1 Leader

All learning is individualised and personalised to each child or young person at Oakley School. We use a Total Communication approach to ensure children and young people can access all learning and activities. Visual supports such as ‘now and next’ boards, task management boards and visual timetables are also used to help prepare children and young people for the day and tasks ahead. We have frequent opportunities for children and young people to practise and make progress towards Education, Health and Care Plan Targets. To help evidence this we use Home School books to share with Parents/Carers. Parents/Carers are encouraged to also take pictures or write about their child’s achievements at home and send them into school. Additionally, frequent opportunities are provided for children to apply their learning to the 'real world,' helping to further embed their learning. All lessons and teaching are adapted so that children and young people can access the curriculum. Staff plan using personalised strategies and supports within each class to ensure that all children and young people enjoy learning and make progress towards their own targets and outcomes.


In Phase 1, we follow the Engage Curriculum. Pupils aged 2 to 9 years and learn through an individualised Early Years Curriculum where the focus is on Specific learning areas including Literacy, Maths, The World, Art and Music alongside Prime Areas focusing on Communication, Personal Care / Hygiene, Social skills including making relationships, Fine and Gross Motor skills, and Managing Feelings and Behaviour.


The Phase 1 Curriculum focuses on creating exciting and engaging experiences where each child’s interest in learning can grow and develop. Children will learn through a balance of adult directed and child led learning where children will have access to both inside and outside environments.


Adults will follow children’s interests to help them learn new skills and consolidate previous skills, whilst also encouraging them to try new things and take risks in a controlled and safe setting. Adults will promote independence at every opportunity in the school day.


We work closely with parents in Phase 1 to support each child’s individual progress of the curriculum, EHCP objectives and overall wellbeing. Parents are encouraged to evidence learning observed at home alongside staff evidencing learning in school. Parents can also attend a ‘Stay and Play’ session each term where they can experience how their child learns and uses skills in their classroom setting.


Each class carries out Weekly Swimming and Forest School sessions and they will carry out a local trip outside of school at least once a term linking to their termly topic.