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Phase 2 Explore Curriculum

Sue Stone, Phase 2 Leader

All learning is individualised and personalised to each child or young person at Oakley School. We use a Total Communication approach to ensure children and young people can access all learning and activities. Visual supports such as ‘now and next’ boards, task management boards and visual timetables are also used to help prepare children and young people for the day and tasks ahead. We have frequent opportunities for children and young people to practise and make progress towards Education, Health and Care Plan Targets. To help evidence this we use Home School books to share with Parents/Carers. Parents/Carers are encouraged to also take pictures or write about their child’s achievements at home and send them into school. Additionally, frequent opportunities are provided for children to apply their learning to the 'real world,' helping to further embed their learning. All lessons and teaching are adapted so that children and young people can access the curriculum. Staff plan using personalised strategies and supports within each class to ensure that all children and young people enjoy learning and make progress towards their own targets and outcomes.


The children and young people in Phase 2 follow the Explore Curriculum. This encompasses a cross curricular approach to learning, whereby lessons are based around a termly theme and story. The cross curricular approach used in Phase 2 provides continual opportunities to embed and reinforce children’s learning. It also supports children to discover links between their learning and ensures they have regular opportunities to practise and transfer skills across a variety of subjects and activities. Moreover, lessons follow a variety of formats, including opportunities for ‘Learning Outside the Classroom,’ hands on and practical tasks and both individualised and small group work. The variation included within the Explore curriculum allows children to learn through Teacher Directed, Teacher Initiated and Child Initiated learning opportunities.


We are committed to building strong parent partnerships and welcome parents to attend our Stay and Play parent sessions. During these sessions, we invite parents to join their child’s class for a range of activities. This may include, for example, children having cooked something, showcasing work or a small performance. Additionally, parents and children will have opportunities to sit and play together within the classroom environment. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for parents to see their child’s classroom, get to know the staff and meet other parents. Moreover, it provides the staff and children with the opportunity to showcase the fantastic learning and work they have been doing at school.