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Recovery Curriculum

The Recovery Curriculum is based on the work of Barry Carpenter and focusses on rebuilding our pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and sense of belonging following lockdown. During lockdown, pupils (and adults) experienced 5 key losses (among others): routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom: leading to feelings of anxiety. An anxious child is not a learning child and the purpose of this Recovery Curriculum is to provide our pupils with a holistic recovery from the losses they have experienced, personalised to their needs. The focus is to re-build trust and relationships in school and support pupils to feel secure in this different school environment. We are supporting pupils as they re-learn how to learn, progressively ‘re-awakening’ pupils’ prior learning using strategies such as familiar resources, chunking and visuals.


The full recovery curriculum for the period Thursday, 3rd to Friday, 11th September 2020:-