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Welcome to our School Website! Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us on 01892 823096 if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our website, we are happy to provide it, free of charge.
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Work Hard Be Kind Have Fun Stay Safe


Our top priority at Oakley School is the safeguarding of our children and young people.  We follow safer recruitment legislation and guidance for all staff and volunteers and have access to expertise within our Local Authority and other specialist agencies and services.  If you, or your child have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads:-


Sam Perryman


Sophie Rees

Deputy Head

Mary Newell

Assistant Head

Curriculum, Pupil Wellbeing & Engagement

Claire Bingham

Assistant Head

Outreach, Satellite & Wider Curriculum

Mike Burt 

Assistant Head

Curriculum & Pupil Progress


Telephone: 01892 823096 or e-mail


Our safeguarding policies can be found on our website under About Our School \ Policies.  In addition, we hope the links and resources below are helpful.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or need any advice, we can work together to keep our children and young people safe.


Kelsi website

Kelsi is Kent County Council's website and as well as containing a variety of guidance and information for schools, it has a lot of useful and current information on child protection and safeguarding. 


Kent County Council have produced guides for parents and carers on one of the current issues affecting children and young people - knife crime and gangs.  Copies of the leaflets can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre (CEOP) works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice and guidance to parents, young people and education professionals.


thinkuknow website

This CEOP website has lots of advice and guidance for parents and carers, as well as video clips and resources you can share with your children and young people, to help their understanding of safeguarding issues.


On-line Safeguarding

The NSPCC guide to the social networks your children use.


O2 have joined forces with the NSPCC and offer free advice and guidance on how to keep children safe on-line, including support with installing parental controls: 


The NSPCC's #ShareAware campaign and its resources, enables parents and carers to ‘untangle’ the online world and to help them to teach the children to be ‘Share Aware’.  The campaign focuses on the need to talk to children about online safety, much like we do "real" world safety such as crossing the road, bullying and speaking to strangers.  


Other websites that provide good, practical advice for parents and carers are:-


The NSPCC website also has "PANTS: The Underwear Rule". With the help of their friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, PANTS is a simple way to talk to your child about staying safe from sexual abuse. The resource can be accessed using the following link:


Digital Parenting Guide Available

Digital Parenting is a free online safety guide, created by The Vodafone Foundation and Parent Zone. It is packed with important information and expert advice on issues relating to Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4, including:-


• Managing children's sleep and setting digital boundaries

• How children can enjoy a safer start on social media

• Better family communication around tech

• Expert advice on gaming addiction, self-harm and virtual reality

• Creating a better family digital-life balance


Digital Parenting is free for UK schools and youth and family organisations to distribute to the parents and carers they work with.  Link: 


Reporting Online Harmful Content

Reporting harmful online content is a new tool provided by UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by SWGfL. This service has been designed to;


• Provide information on community standards

• Give advice on how to report problems

• Mediate where appropriate or explain why content hasn’t been removed

• Provide assistance in removing harmful content from platforms


The online tool can be used by young people (under 13’s will need parent or guardian to complete the form on their behalf) or parents/carers to report a range of online concerns including impersonation, bullying, pornography and self-harm content. The online tool will guide people through the reporting process and offer appropriate advice. The service will aim to respond to enquiries within 72 hours however it may take longer to fully investigate and resolve the incident. If the matter cannot be resolved, wherever possible an explanation will be given as to why it’s not possible to seek mediation (for example if the matter doesn’t breach a site's terms) and will signpost to services who can provide wraparound support. Link: 



The School is anti-bullying.  Please see our Anti-Bullying policy.  If parents or carers have any concerns, they should contact their child's Form Teacher in the first instance.  Alternatively, they should contact  


Historical sex abuse in football

There has been a lot in the press about historical sex abuse in football, if you are concerned, further guidance and support can be found at


Extremism and Radicalisation

This website offers parents practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.


Let's Talk About It - Working Together to Prevent Terrorism

Following events in London and Manchester in 2018, the Prevent & Channel Strategic Manager of KCC's Education Safeguarding Team shared the following useful link (see below) to a website that offers support for all of us in keeping safe.


What to do in a Terror Attack

In the event of a Terror Attack, the advice from the police is to RUN - HIDE - TELL.  Please watch this short video:


Fire Safety

Following the Grenfell Fire incident on 15 June 2017, Kent County Council (KCC) undertook a systematic check across its estate to identify any buildings of a similar construction. Fire Risk Assessments are a school delegated responsibility and in order to collate the latest position across the schools estate, KCC issued a mandatory fire audit return to all schools for which KCC has a management responsibility (this includes Oakley School). KCC also undertook a fire safety audit of all premises including schools.  There is also guidance for reducing the fire risk in your home, please see below.


National Crime Agency - Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Has something happened online that has made you feel worried or unsafe about someone or yourself:-


Supporting our children and young people to keep themselves safe

As you can see from our website our moto is "Work Hard - Be Kind - Have Fun - Stay Safe".  The vast majority of our children and young people can quote these four phrases when a member of staff asks "What does Mr Tillman (Executive Head) tell you to do while you're at school?"  The words are also embedded in our school song. 


We hold regular class and whole school assemblies to promote the fourth phrase "Stay Safe" to ensure that all our children and young people understand how to keep themselves safe, not just at school, but on-line, at home and in their wider community and to promote what to do if they don't feel safe.  


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or need any advice, let's work together to keep our children and young people safe.