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Skills for Life and Independence

Skills for Life & Independence are a paramount objective of Oakley School, and as such we embed these skills throughout our curriculum and school day.


Within Phase 3, students take part in one lesson per week designated for developing and consolidating a range of skills for life & independence. These lessons include skills such as how to cook simple meals, how to wash, iron and store clothes, how to plan an event, how to navigate a familiar and an unfamiliar area, as well as using key skills that students would use in a place of work. As students progress through Phase 3, the skills learnt are consolidated and become more complex, giving our students a more robust knowledge and understanding of how to care for themselves, with as high a degree of independence as possible.


In Year 10 students embark on an accredited course entitled ‘Life & Living Skills’, for three lessons per week. In this, students develop and consolidate their skills for life & independence further. Students take part in learning more complex skills, such as travelling within the community, using community facilities, shopping on a budget, and a wide range of work experience skills. When students reach the end of Year 11, we aim to have students conducting themselves with as high a degree of independence as possible, preparing them for their next stage of education, or indeed moving on to work in the wider community.