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Trips and Enrichment

In our Phase 2 classes we organise frequent educational visits to farms, parks, shops to use money, trains, animal centres, museums, the beach, reservoirs, aquariums.


We also have a series of special visitors to school such as fire fighters, the nurse, a mobile planetarium, musicians and dancers, exotic animals such as Bearded Dragons to name but a few!


In addition to Games, Gymnastics and Dance lessons at school, Phase 2 children benefit from a range of experiences such as regular horse riding, swimming at Tonbridge Pool, trampolining and golf. These different opportunities not only aid their physical development but enhance other practical life skills such as dressing and undressing, being aware of safety issues, turn taking and looking out for one another.


Towards the end of Phase 2, children are encouraged to take part in a residential visit at activity centres such as Bowles or Carroty Wood. As well as being fantastic, non-stop fun, it is a great opportunity to put those life skills into good use – working as a team, using equipment safely, being independent and responsible for your own kit, helping prepare meals and clear up afterwards and of course, having time without parents!