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Year 11 Residential - Windmill Hill, Hailsham - May 2017

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017

After lunch today, a group of our Year 11 students, with a band of staff to support them, will head to Hailsham, for their residential.


They are staying at Windmill Hill, a PGL adventure centre close to the coast on the beautiful Sussex Downs, where they will spend 3 days and 3 nights enjoying all the outdoor activities on offer.


There is an air of excitement amongst the students as they try and concentrate on their mornings lessons, knowing their suitcases will soon be loaded onto the minibuses and they will be heading off.



They all arrived safely at Windmill Hill around 4.30pm and as well as settling into their accommodation, they played games in a huge hanger before relaxing and going to bed.  According to one member of staff some of the boys' unpacking involved clothes being strewn everywhere, although they were all helping each other to get organised.


Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

This morning, after breakfast, the group were planning to go canoeing and tackle the other outdoor activities Windmill Hill has to offer.  The weather certainly didn't seem to be dampening their spirits!



As well as canoeing, students and staff had a go at Aeroball and the Challenge course.  For some, the day finished with a campfire, for all it finished with a well earned night's rest, everyone was shattered after such an energetic and eventful day.  One member of staff, who was with them all day and night Wednesday, said it was fantastic to see our young people in such a different environment, all working together and having fun, whilst challenging and encouraging themselves and each other to do things they have never done before.


Thursday, 4th May 2017

Re-energised after a good night's sleep, students and staff are climbing, rifle shooting and raft building today.



Everyone had a great time with the raft building, although they did all end up in the water (thankfully it wasn't very deep, but it was a bit smelly!)  One member of staff who was with them (and didn't want to leave) shared that they are all exhausted but having a 'fantastic time' and the students' 'level of independence is amazing'.  They are surpassing all expectations whether that is demonstrations of kindness and friendship with their peers, getting to the top of the climbing wall or even going on a raft on the water.


Friday, 5th May 2017

Today's activities, before heading back to school, are the Zip Wire and Archery!  We are all looking forward to their return, hearing their stories and seeing the photos, which of course we will share.



All back safe and sound.  Please see the attached photos which shows just what a great time everyone had.