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Welcome to our School

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Our School Vision, Ethos & Values

Our Mission: Children and Young People at the heart of all we do.


Our Ethos: Work Hard, Be Kind, Have Fun & Stay Safe


Our Vision: To give all our children and young people opportunities to engage, explore, discover and develop their independence – to become confident, resilient, happy and well prepared for a positive and meaningful future, equipped for skills for life.

Oakley Values


Mutual Respect

  • We are kind and polite to each other
  • We learn and play together
  • We listen and respect each others opinions and values


  • We take turns and share
  • We vote for who represents us on the School Council and Eco Committee
  • We have a say in what happens in our school through the School Council

Individual Liberty

  • We know that we are all unique
  • We can make our own choices
  • We can have our own thoughts

Rule of Law

  • We follow the rules
  • We understand right from wrong
  • We help develop fair rules for our class and school

​​​​​​​Celebrating and embracing different faiths and beliefs

  • We learn about different faiths and cultures from around the world

      Oakley Staff Values


      We wish to be clear and accountable for our interaction with all our children, young people and their families; with each other, and with all other stakeholders of Oakley School. The values below have been agreed by everyone at Oakley to guide our practice and promote the spirit and aims of our enterprise and endeavour.  


      • Commit to excellence
      • Remain child centred at all times
      • Communicate openly, honestly and directly
      • Treat people fairly, with integrity, respect and empathy
      • Be approachable; Give support; Listen with an open mind
      • Seek practical solutions;  Encourage creativity
      • Enjoy working hard at “work worth doing”
      • Take responsibility; Lead by example
      • Trust, encourage & develop others
      • Learn from everything
      • Work as a team