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Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapists have a holistic approach to working with our pupil’s speech, language and/or communication needs and focus on the functional impact of their difficulties.


Our team work collaboratively with teaching staff, other professionals and families so that direct and indirect intervention is meeting the pupil’s primary need and will have the most functional impact.


Our team work hard to ensure that a total communication approach is consistently used across the school so that pupils are provided with the best possible communication environment to utilise and develop their functional communication skills.


The Speech and Language Team set up and oversee a range of targeted interventions, one of which is Attention Oakley. For more information please see the document below.


Our team ensure that information is shared with class teams and families to enable pupils to be supported throughout the school day and to promote generalisation of skills.


For more information please see our Speech, Language & Communication Policy below.

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