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Welcome to our School

Welcome to our School Website! Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us on 01892 823096 if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our website, we are happy to provide it, free of charge.

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Coronavirus Update

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Work Hard Be Kind Have Fun Stay Safe

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team  1 Executive Head - Gordon Tillman
Senior Leadership Team  2 Head of School - Sam Perryman
Senior Leadership Team  3 Deputy Head of School - Sophie Rees
Senior Leadership Team  4 Assistant Head, Curriculum - Jules Campion
Senior Leadership Team  5 School Business Manager - Sandra Wisdom

Extended Leadership Team

Extended Leadership Team  1 Phase 1 Leader - Lauren Adamthwaite
Extended Leadership Team  2 Phase 2 Leader - Sue Stone
Extended Leadership Team  3 Phase 3 Leader - Mary Newell
Extended Leadership Team  4 Phase 4 Leader - Simon Bounds
Extended Leadership Team  5 Therapy Team Leader - Eileen Bristow
  • We have 29 teachers teaching and supporting our children and young people across all our sites.


  • We have 5 Learning Support Cover Assistants (to cover short term teacher absences) and approximately 60 classroom Learning Support Assistants across all sites.


  • We have 8 Administration Staff, 3 Site Staff and 2 Midday Meals Supervisors who work across the school.


  • We have a Therapy Team, headed up by our Team Leader (who is a member of the ELT), which includes Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Therapy Assistants, working across all sites.  Some members of the team are provided by the Health Service and others work directly for the school.

Oakley Staff Values

Wish to be clear and accountable for our interaction with all staff and all other stakeholders of Oakley School. The values below have been agreed by the whole Leadership Team to guide our practice and promote the spirit and aims of our enterprise.

Commit to excellence

Remain child centred at all times

Communicate openly, honestly and directly

Treat people fairly, with integrity, respect and empathy

Be approachable; Give support; Listen with an open mind

Seek practical solutions; Encourage creativity

Enjoy working hard at “work worth doing”

Take responsibility; Lead by example

Trust, encourage & develop others

Learn from everything

Work as a team