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Working with parents and other professionals

At Oakley we aim to build a strong partnership with parents and other professionals involved with each child. We intend to establish a relationship with the parents from the very beginning with home visits, allowing the parents to have time to ask questions and lessen any worries they may have. The nursery teacher and key worker will attend the home visit before a child starts nursery.


Parents will transport their children to and from the nursery so there is always an opportunity to ask questions and queries at these times. We make every effort to promote an open door policy to parents where they are always welcome to talk to any one of the nursery staff.


We work very closely with other nurseries if a child has a dual placement. We invite the key worker to any meetings we have around the child and keep regular contact to discuss key information about the child to enable consistency in both settings.


We are fully aware that there are other professionals involved with individual children and we strive to work closely with these professionals to ensure we offer the best provision to the child.