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Strategic Ambition

Our Strategic Ambition, 2023 - 2026:


• Ensure the Creative Curriculum and Oakley Learning Journey meets the needs of all our pupils within the national context providing rigour, challenge and ambition.  


• Develop our pedagogy in response to pupils’ needs and implement innovative approaches and interventions to ensure all our pupils’ flourish.


• Develop a dynamic school environment that engages all pupils at all ages and stages during their time at Oakley School.


• Promote a culture of collaboration and learning across the school by fostering positive partnerships and providing staff with high quality CPD.


• Extend relationships within the community to improve the outcomes of pupils with SEND and their families during their time at Oakley and in preparation for their future.


• Promote and support local inclusion and collaborations for SEND using Oakley’s expertise. 


• Strategically collaborate to ensure the school remains financially stable while continuing to promote the growth of the school community ensuring the  sustainable and growth  succession planning for the school’s future at all levels.


• Secure improved buildings and facilities that ensure pupils have access to high quality learning environments that meet the needs of our expanding and changing cohort for the longer term and to bridge the gap during this plan.


• Ensure all our pupils can access a school infrastructure that enables high quality learning experiences and ensures their safety and wellbeing.


• Provide successful transitions, sustainability, succession planning, Governance.

School Development Priorities for 2023 - 2024


Quality of Education


1.1    Review and quality assure the impact of the school approaches and the Oakley Learning Journey on pupils’ progress from Nursery and Post 16.


1.2    Promote a culture of reading across the school that create opportunities to engage, explore and discover a range of texts and the love of books.


1.3    Create an engaging, dynamic environment that supports pupils to develop their learning, curiosity, resilience and independence in response to the Oakley Learning Journey.


1.4    Ensure there is a dynamic arts offer across the school through strategic mapping and clear progression for all pupils.


1.5    Raise aspirations across our school community so that our pupils in every Phase have access to ambitious, personalised futures and destinations with no limits.


1.6    Increase use of technology to access and support the curriculum (Personalised learning/ as part of our cycle of continuous improvement).

Behaviour and Attitudes:


2.1    Ensure highest levels of attendance, behaviour and positive attitudes for all pupils by enabling staff to consistently recognise and support regulation for excellent behaviour for learning.


2.2    Enable pupils to use Total Communication, including AAC systems to support their communication, behaviour and attitude to learning and show the same levels of achievement and positive behaviour at home as they do at school.


2.3    Provide proactive, personalised and innovative approaches to support inclusive learning experiences for all pupils, including the harder to reach pupils by strengthening links with families and community partners.


2.4    Implement and extend our use of the Creative Curriculum into the community to promote local engagement and opportunities for pupils to consolidate and transfer their learning and skills.

Personal Development:


3.1    Promote the importance of staying safe and making healthy choices in a digital world.


3.2    Ensure our Creative Curriculum and Wider Curriculum is ambitious and there is a culture that supports the mental and physical health for all pupils to flourish and promote pupils to: engage, discover, explore while developing their independence.


3.3    Embed evidence-based practice to support pupils’ personal, social, emotional development within the current context.

Leadership and Management:


4.1 Extend our ambitious CPD Programme to empower staff to refresh, improve and develop their knowledge and skills to improve outcomes for pupils.


4.2    Extend outreach offer to meet local need and in response to KCC SEND Inclusion Strategy.


4.3    Develop collaborations and working partnerships with other schools to upskill staff and develop professional networks at all levels, including Governors.


4.4    Ensure the school continues to be financially strong, efficient and innovative to maintain high quality education for the school community.