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A visit from Folly Wildlife Rescue

On Monday, 13th November, Key Stage 3 pupils were visited by Adrian and Jess from Folly Wildlife Rescue. Adrian told the pupils lots of facts about hedgehogs. He told them that hedgehogs like to eat cat and dog food and they can have goats milk but not cows milk as it's too rich for them. They also like to eat scrambled egg!


Hedgehogs have up to 5,000 spines and they sleep all winter. If you see an injured hedgehog or one out of hibernation you need to call Folly.


They then put the hedgehog they'd brought with them on the floor and the pupils watched it move around, but they had to be really quiet so it came out of it's ball.


The pupils were brilliant; they sat quietly and asked some really good questions. Everyone enjoyed learning about hedgehogs, a lot of our pupils had never seen one before and very few had seen one that close, so it was a great experience. Thank you to Adrian and Jess for their visit.