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Bee Project

The Kent High Weald Partnership, in association with the University of Sussex, are at our Tunbridge Wells site today, as part of their Cross Pollination Project.   The goal of the project is the conservation of our honey bees, native bees and other pollinating insects by means of scientific study, the creation of more foraging habitat, awareness-raising, and education. Through partnership working, the project will cross-pollinate knowledge and skills through the means of science, conservation and art to ensure that the significance of these vitally important species is maintained.


Skills for Life and our students have built some raised beds, which are going to be filled with a variety of different plants. What will follow is a study of which pollinators are attracted to which plants, and data will be fed back to the university as part of the study. The beds are currently located in the meadow.  Staff and student volunteers are working today to help establish these beds.


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