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Final update and photos from Wales

Our intrepid Welsh mountaineers are on their way home.  No-one can quite believe how quickly the week has gone and how lucky they have been with the weather.  We are expecting some happy but very tired young people and adults home later.


Yesterday, their last full day, they started by walking to the lake and building 2 rafts with the help of Karl and Jez who were their instructors for the morning. They were shown how to do a reef knot to secure the wooden poles and plastic drums together. Once they had built their rafts, each team got on and raced each other on the lagoon. Each team won a race and both rafts stayed afloat, which was a huge relief! 


Yesterday afternoon was spent at Caernarfon Castle, where the Prince of Wales was invested. In fact it’s the 50th anniversary of this and filming was going on around the grounds of the Castle in recognition of it. Everyone was very impressed with how big the Castle was and how well kept.