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IT'S OFFICIAL! Oakley's Got LOTS & LOTS of Talent

What a great day we all had yesterday!  Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils competed in the first heat with our new Year 6 & 7 and Key Stage 3 pupils cheering and clapping along, and then in the afternoon Key Stage 3 pupils performed.  We had comedy acts, singers, dancers and musicians, with music from Dolly Parton to Little Mix to Alfie Boe!  This year, for the first time, pupils hosted the show as well, which was a huge success. 


In the evening our children and young people performed again, in front of parents, carers, friends and family.   Everyone was so impressed with the enthusiasm, energy and talent of the students.  The whole event allowed everyone the opportunity to showcase not only their individual potential and commitment but also just how supportive they are of one another.  It was such a positive experience and everyone left feeling truly uplifted.


The hardest job was picking winners, they were all so amazing!  Thank you to everyone who supported the event, we look forward to Oakley's Got Talent 2018!