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It's the end of the year!

We have had two very busy summer terms with so many enriching activities, in and out of school. Some of what we’ve done is detailed in our summer newsletter which can also be found on our website under News & Events.


As part of our end of year celebrations we asked our children and young people what they've done during they year that has made them feel proud - they were asked to write on a leaf and those leaves have made our tree of pride (pictured below).


We have been busy planning the move of our FE department to our Tonbridge site for September, which is an exciting first step to increasing our provision to include 19-25 year olds from September 2018, it will be like a new building there very soon. We are also moving our Early Years pupils to Tunbridge Wells which will be highly enriching for them, with lots of collaborative learning opportunities.


I am also pleased to inform you that our Nursery build is on track to be finished in mid-August, ready to open in September, we currently have 14 children confirmed as having places which is fantastic! We showed the parents of nursery children around on Wednesday, 19th July and they were all delighted.


We have appointed a full-time Speech and Language Therapist from September who will be working across all our sites. This is an important investment for us, with significant benefits to our children and young people.


All that leaves me to do is thank everyone; my staff team, who work tirelessly to ensure the welfare and safety of all our children and young people and to equip them with skills for life and independence, so that they can be the best they can be. I would also like to thank our Governors, who give up so much of their time to support us and finally, all of our parents and carers, we know that without their support and commitment, our jobs would be so much harder.


I wish everyone a wonderful summer.

Gordon Tillman