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KentLive Sunday 13th November

You may have seen the following headline on KentLive on Sunday, 13th November:-


“The 344 Kent schools where deadly asbestos is present have been revealed”


If you read the on-line article you will know that Oakley School was named as one of the Schools (in fact we were named twice, presumably for each of our Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells sites).  A similar article was run in January 2009 following a BBC programme on the subject.


We do have asbestos on both sites, that is not news to us!  Our sites are surveyed by KCC and checked regularly. Our Site Team are trained appropriately and are fully aware of the locations of the asbestos and those areas are managed in accordance with health and safety regulations.  Even if the proposed site move goes ahead, the move and/or changes within the buildings would not disturb any of the areas with asbestos.


Please be assured, there is no need to be concerned - the risk to our students, staff and visitors is negligible and not something to worry about.


Best wishes

Gordon Tillman