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More FE fun in France!

After their close encounters with snails the previous day, on Tuesday, 16th July the students and staff went to a French market to buy their lunch before going to an Aqua Park and playing sports/games on the beach.  They had such a wonderful, fun day as you can see in the photos below.  


Back at base we have been trying not to be too green with envy (and/or green at the site of the snails) and were absolutely thrilled to get the e-mail below, from the Hotel where they stayed:-


From: Info <>
Sent: 17 July 2019 08:53
To: Sam Perryman 
Subject: Thank you Oakley!


Hello Sam,

I’m Justine, assistant manager in Le Moulin aux draps in Desvres.
I am sending a mail to say you thank you ! We loved your group and it was the first time for me and several members of the staff with a group like you. It is a very great experience because they taught so much. They can do everything, it was a very great pleasure for us! They were so polite, cleaner than another groups, less wasteful. SO just Thank you!! I hope that they enjoyed the trip.

Justine Debeaulieu


Hotel Restaurant Le Moulin aux draps

Rue de Cremarest


Tel :


We are all so proud of our students, who are on their way home now, having visited a bunker which has been converted into a museum today. We look forward to hearing about their adventures, although we are expecting them all (staff included) to be fatigue (as they say in France)!