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Sports Days

At the beginning of term we were worried about our Sports Days being rained off, little were we to know they were actually going to be two of the hottest days of the year!  So making sure we had sun hats, sun cream and plenty of water we carried on regardless. 


Secondary Sports Day was on Tuesday, 19th July, the students spent the morning doing a variety of activities: Go Karts, Penalty Shoot Out, Targets, Obstacle Course, Inflatable, Water Run (a particular favourite in the heat) and Long Jump.  In the afternoon, with parents, carers and families cheering the students on, there were running races, egg and spoon, bean bag races and the grand finale—the relay race! 


Congratulations to all the students, staff and governors in HEVER who won on the day.


Primary Sports Day was on Wednesday, 20th July and the students had a great time, participating in a variety of sporting activities: Rapid Races, Bounce Challenge, Space Sprints, Golazo, Rio Rhymes and Back of the Net, all to the cheers and encouragement of friends and families. 


Congratulations to all the pupils, staff and governors in ROCHESTER who won on the day.


Thank you to all the staff involved on both days, but particularly Sally Maher (secondary) and Marie Broughton and Paul Westbrook (primary) for all their hard work organising the events and making sure it all went smoothly on the day. Thank you to SCOOT for their enthusiastic cheerleading at primary, the Friends of Oakley for providing the refreshments and thank you to all the parents, carers, family and friends who supported with their cheering and encouragement.  Finally, well done to all our students, they were long, hot and tiring days but I think everyone will agree, great fun!