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TWBC Eco Arts Competition

Last Term the Phase 3 Art Club took part in an ECO Project and chose the ‘No Time To Waste’ theme when joining an Eco Art competition. After exploring this theme, they took inspiration from Native American Totems which symbolise the earth, kinship and histories. They combined this with their exploration of Australian Artist John Dahlsen’s work, who uses recycled materials in his pieces.


The vision of the Totem pole was to ‘portray a polluted world reaching to a more eco standard of living with the ability to free ourselves of plastic pollution’. The Totem Pole is made entirely from materials found on site, and the piece incorporates the Oakley symbol and a floating feature. The group also used magazines to decoupage their Totem as well as painting and mark making.


The Totem pole is now on display in the Amelia Scott foyer in Tunbridge Wells (in their large Perspex box display).