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Wales Trip Update

Yesterday was another fantastic day. Our intrepid group walked down to the lake after a hearty breakfast and spent the morning kayaking. Two kayaks were joined together to make it more stable and 5-6 of the group were in each of the kayaks. There was lots of laughter, splashing and bumping into each other initially but once they got going and got the art of how to use the oar, they were off!


Back to the house for lunch and some of the pupils decided to rest for the afternoon and watch a film whilst the rest of the crew went mountain climbing. Our young people were so brave and adventurous, all attempted the climb and felt so proud of themselves afterwards. Once at the top of the mountain the views were breathtaking. The Kent Mountain Centre staff have been so accommodating for all the needs of our pupils and are making their experience such a memorable one. Last night was piggery pottery, which everyone had been looking forward to.