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Warburtons support Oakley School

The smell coming from our Tonbridge site on Tuesday, 26th March was AMAZING! Warburtons were in school making bread – possibly the best smell in the world!


From scratch, the students weighed, kneaded, shaped and baked Cottage Loaves, Plaits, Hedgehog Rolls and even a Bread person!  We all loved it!


We then went onto making sandwiches for the whole site – cheese, ham, chicken, salad with all the sauces and dietary options you can image, we fed students, staff and visitors at lunchtime and even washed up!


Meanwhile outside Warburtons also brought with them an incredible (hard) “working party” who cleared some of the garden to the new mobile home – all ready for the plants to go in that were generously donated by Hadlow College Nursery.


What a great day that fed the tummy as well as the soul! Thank you Warburtons.