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Year 9 Residential - update

By Wednesday, 9th May our intrepid learners had scaled dizzying heights climbing telegraph poles and climbing walls, as well as working together to create huge models of scooters and helicopters. The fun continued as they were joined by our new Governor, Richard for an afternoon's Lazer battles! The Oakley sense of humour came in handy when we had to trade jokes for items to create a protective covering for a water bomb!


Yesterday, 10th May, was another exciting day at Kingswood, with some literal highs and descending lows!


Teamwork was at the forefront of the day's activities, with the group excelling at shelter building, and producing some very creative artworks using the environment.


Building on their sharp shooting from the laser battles the previous day, the group showed they were just as handy with a bow and arrow, with some impressive archery skills,


But the real highlights were the abseiling, zipwire and the late night disco. Oakley's dance moves were second to none!


The Kingswood group leader, Joe, said our children were the most memorable and fantastic group he had worked with and he will remember each and every one of them.


Everyone back at School looks forward to welcoming what we are sure will be some very tired but happy young people.